Midlife crisis or the smartest thing we’ve ever done?

Here it is, blog post #1. To get you in the mood take a minute and hum the theme song for the Brady Bunch in your head (or out loud if you are at work and need to liven things up a little).  If you don’t know the theme song to the Brady Bunch, what are you…under 20?  Google it and then sing along with me…

Here’s a story, of a vet named Lainey

who was living a pretty awesome life.

A thriving vet clinic and a fine family

it was pretty nice.


Here’s a story, of a vet named Robbie

who was happy too but ready for a change.

So they sat down and they started scheming

it was time to go.


Then one day when they finally sold their clinic

and they knew it was much more than a hunch,

That this freedom would bring some new adventures

and that’s how they were unemployed by lunch.


What the fuck are we thinking?  Sell a thriving business, a secure income, a respected job and a pretty envious life for what?  A plane ticket to Africa, working in primitive conditions for no pay?  Sleeping in the dirt over our comfy posturepedic mattress under a fluffy down duvet? A life of routine, safety, comfort, friends and family for a year (or more) of the unknown?  Hell yes!!! I’d be lying if I said we haven’t both woken up in a cold sweat thinking WTF were we thinking.  Then in the warm light of a new day we find ourselves giggling like school kids with a secret.  We did it, we got ourselves free and this blog is where we will share our journey (as well as other ramblings from a mind unleashed).

If you find yourself saying “what do I care about a couple of middle aged veterinarians trying to have an adventure” then why are you reading this?  Scram!  Get lost!  There are lots of other blogs out there just waiting for you.  Don’t waste your time here.   But if you have ever felt trapped, if you need a change but are afraid to make a change or if you too feel that “a gold watch and a nice retirement home on the golf course” is your personal definition of hell, then read on.  I hope you enjoy our journey.  I promise, no golf courses.