Life is messy, painful and plain fucked up…

In an instant, life can change.  While we count our blessings and hold our children close to our heart, another family is experiencing the greatest loss and a grief beyond measure.  Our thoughts, prayers and love go out to them during this time of sadness.

Life is precious and while I don’t know what the future holds for those most dear to me, I do know this.  We are given one life and each of us has the choice of what we will do with our time on earth.  How we will choose to live.  What we will do with this amazing gift.

It may bring you comfort to view another’s tragedy from the safety of your judgemental lens.  We have all done it.  Trying to find the reason why, if only to justify how this could never happen to you or those you love.  If you feel you can manage all risks and follow the rules, never step outside the boundaries that you have designed to keep yourself safe, I get it, but am here to tell you I think you’re missing the point.  And, I believe you are at risk of a much bigger tragedy, to reach the end and realize you never truly lived.

Life is messy, painful and sometimes just plain fucked up.  You can’t escape it, you can only accept it and try to find the moments of beauty.  Because they do exist.  The lucky ones, embrace their passions, accept the risks and live life on their own terms, knowing not everyone gets this.  How sad for those who have never had the courage to experience new horizons, to follow a passion and know true joy, and who instead live life in the shadows and let fear hold them back.

To all of you who have provided your love and support our deepest thanks and gratitude.  Embrace this life, take chances, make mistakes, fall in love, have an adventure and make sure that when you are standing at the top of the mountain, looking back on your life, it is filled with amazing memories of the things you did, the people you loved, the lives you touched and not the fears and judgements that prevented you from truly living.

Published by eklemmensen

Just an average Canadian. Loves the outdoors, travel and beer. Oh yeah, and I'm a veterinarian trying to figure out what I'm gonna be when I grow up.

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