Gratitude: Rossland you Rock!

Yesterday I woke up, my first day of “retirement”, a word I hate as I don’t feel like I am ready for that word, not yet anyway.  So lets start again. Yesterday I woke up, the first day of a new beginning. I enjoyed my coffee, dealt with emails and headed out for a chillyContinue reading “Gratitude: Rossland you Rock!”

The Story of Frank and Zelda

The early years of running our own veterinary hospital were hard. We were open 6 days a week, on call 7 days a week and raising two young children with no family close by for support. I know this sounds like one of those stories you tell your kids… “you think you have it tough,Continue reading “The Story of Frank and Zelda”

Life is messy, painful and plain fucked up…

In an instant, life can change.  While we count our blessings and hold our children close to our heart, another family is experiencing the greatest loss and a grief beyond measure.  Our thoughts, prayers and love go out to them during this time of sadness. Life is precious and while I don’t know what the futureContinue reading “Life is messy, painful and plain fucked up…”